Hand and foot care in winter

 Hand and foot care in winter

Beautiful hands and feet make you beautiful with your personality. Along with the beauty of the face, the beauty of hands and feet is essential. The skin on the hands is susceptible as the weather changes. In the same way, my hand changes quickly. As the weather changes, hands and nails need a lot of care. Whether winter or summer, people's eyes definitely fall on your hands, feet, and nails. Hands and feet are still clean in summer. Most of the time we put our hands in the water outside of washing the dishes under the pretense of washing hands or any other way. So in summer our hands and feet are clean or we can take care of them gently by applying some cream. As far as winter is concerned, it is very difficult. In winter it becomes very difficult to take care of hands and feet. I can't even wash because of the cold. Due to this, mail gets stuck in the hands, feet, and, nails.  And whenever they wash their hands and feet, they wash them with broken water, while they are very wrong. Whenever you wash your hands and feet with cold water, the skin always becomes black and hard. 

hand foot in winter

Whenever we wash our hands and feet in winter we should always wash with fresh or warm water. Whenever we wash our hands and feet in winter we should always wash with fresh or warm water. Use the lotion on your hands and feet two or three times a day. Or use a hand cream. Be sure to use lemon juice on your hands, it makes your hands and feet beautiful and soft. Apart from this, we can clean our hands and feet with Vaseline or rose water. Cleaning hands feet and nails increases our beauty.

Hand and foot swelling

hands swelling in winter
Hand swelling in winter

In the winter season, our hands and feet become swollen due to the cold air and the nails start to break. If we do not wash our hands and feet frequently and take good care of them, they become black along with swelling. As the cold air blows, the blood in the pulse of our hands begins to generalize, so our hands and feet swell. We should keep our hands and feet in exercise all the time. Blood circulation was normal in it. Similarly, if we take care of our hands and feet, any beauty will remain. Cleanliness of hands and feet increases our beauty.

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