Before and after the elections

Before and after the elections

Elections are such a process. It plays into a defect in the politics of a country or region. In elections, public opinion turns against military regimes. It is a democratic system in which the people can choose their representatives. Elections are held in various institutions—all these National Assembly and Provincial Assembly. The elections themselves are arranged according to a different system. A constant is set or a time fit is performed depending on the time. Elections usually begin with exams. Where various types perform many functions to promote their names, chant slogans, and start helping the people. Many false promises are made to the people.


Before Elections

During elections, people are given political information. Due to this, they can make their decision in the best way. As the days pass by the election. Voters serve the public. Voters serve the public. The people are given false consolation and are spoken to with love. They live near them to get votes, want to be loved by them, and perform their services. There are different parties to vote for. Pakistan Terek-e-Insafe, Muslim League No, Terek-e-Labeek, And there are many Azad parties too. All these parties wait for the votes of the people, serve, and disappear after taking the vote. 

After Elections

.After the elections are over, the people are waiting for whichever party wins, to support them, help them, and support them in poverty. Make the village more beautiful by providing many amenities to the cities. Bring more good doctors and bring machinery to the hospitals. Do everything that benefits the public. But nothing like that happens, the winning party does not even look at the people. People are always cheated to vote but they are not helped. And no improvement is brought in anything. Like every year, the same is the case with the elections that are being held this time as well.

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