Pneumonia is a disease of lung infection in which the organs of the body stop working, there is a lack of oxygen, and sometimes a person loses his life. It occurs mostly in children or the elderly and is treated with vaccines. Medicines do not relieve him much. Even if a bacteria virus or fungus gets in our chest, it becomes pneumonia and it is a serious infection. It may cause difficulty in breathing. The main cause of pneumonia is cold. Because in winter we have colds and fevers which slowly go into the pattern. And it's an infection that spreads.

Bad Disease

Pneumonia is a severe disease. A weak person cannot bear it, it can even cost a person's life. First, it causes breathing difficulty: colds, fevers, coughs, and sore throats. Due to these diseases, a person cannot eat or drink anything, nor can he taste anything. Medicines do not give relief, in the end, we have to go and get injections or drips. It mostly occurs in children or elderly people. Pneumonia occurs in those whose immune system is very weak. As winter sets in, patterned cases begin to emerge. Pneumonia also happens quickly due to poor health, so we should avoid this bad disease and take care of our health. Due to this the virus will stay away from us.


The first symptom of pneumonia is a hangover, in which we may vomit and may also have blood. In this infection, we also get a fever, sweat profusely, and have no taste for anything. Breathing becomes very difficult and may even stop breathing. There may also be pain in the chest and the throat may also be very bad. There may also be pain in the chest and the throat may also be very bad. Well, the immune system is weak, they get pneumonia very quickly and their energy levels drop to zero very quickly. It first causes a lung infection. 

Pneumonia in children

This infection occurs very quickly in children as compared to adults. As soon as the cold starts, this infection starts in children. These sample cases begin to develop. The mouth is covered, which causes them to get wind and cause difficulty in breathing. Children start coughing due to exposure to wind, which also causes vomiting, colds are the first symptoms. The children's nurse is also vulnerable. Pneumonia spreads very quickly in children. Therefore, in winter, the girl should not bathe too much and cover her chest and mouth with a handkerchief. Starting in 2024, many sample cases have already been lost in the first month, with the first cases being sick children. In 2024, the cold wave is increasing in Punjab. In the last 24 hours, ten children have passed away because of the sample. From 2024, the number of pneumonia in children has increased to 172 in January. And according to the Punjab Health Department, three diseases like pneumonia will spread even more, so we should protect the scorpions from cold and cover them all the time..

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