What is Artificial Intelligence?

 What is Artificial Intelligence? 

John McCarthy is called the father of artificial intelligence, according to American Computer Science, he is the person who first introduced artificial intelligence. Apart from this, Alan Turing, Allen Newell, Marvin, and Herbert A have also helped create artificial intelligence. In the 1920s, the first computer was invented, which greatly helped the human being. Computers have helped humans a lot. Artificial intelligence is called artificial intelligence in the Urdu language. It is a machine that works like a human brain. Artificial intelligence is a set of tools that enable computers to perform advanced functions such as reading, understanding, translating, analyzing data, and more. It collects a lot of images and a lot of data. Intelligence provides support in every field.

Artificial Intelligence [AI]
 Artificial Intelligence[AI]

Seven Types of Artificial Intelligences 

  1.  Reactive Machines,
  2. Limited Memory,
  3.  Self-Aware, 
  4. Theory Of Mind, 
  5. Artificial Narrow Intelligence, 
  6. Artificial General Intelligence
  7.  Artificial Super Intelligence

 Reactive Machines,

Has no memory of own responses to other things

Limited Memory,



 It has a mind like humans and gives awareness.

Theory Of Mind, 

understanding the need for others' intelligence. 

Artificial Narrow Intelligence, 

Artificial intelligence is a goal that gives a good design to an object and then executes it like a weather call. 

Artificial General Intelligence.

A foundation of Artificial intelligence that takes ideas and gives new purpose.

 Artificial Super Intelligence

There is a hypothetical process that lends support to scientific creation from a subtle chandelier nd to it

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence, 

The human rush into artificial intelligence has made it much easier and has invented many machines that have made our lives much easier. Due to artificial intelligence, collecting and storing data has become very easy. With the help of AI, I have found many allometric machines that run themselves. With the help of AI, we can convert data into any language, not just Urdu and English, but always translate into any language. With the help of AI, the security has been greatly improved and the electricity and traffic of the cities have also changed a lot. Data analysis is facilitated with the help of AI. AI is also used in medical practice. Our education has changed a lot with the help of AI. Papers that were carried by children's hands are now easily typed with the help of computers. Internationals have also been killed with the help of AI. With its help, every machine in the world has got a lot of help.

artificial intelligence

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has benefited us as much as it has harmed us. Where there used to be a lot of lies in the markets, now the amount of jobs has reduced. Their automatic machines have replaced us and made our work easier but we don't get jobs for us. Due to this many educated people are unemployed Artificial intelligence raises many ethical issues. Artificial Intelligence has been taken advantage of by many young generations, and many of us young generations have also suffered from it and misused it. Due to automatic machines, man has become very lazy and left all his work to machines due to which man is getting weaker day by day and suffering from obesity. Humans have lost the ability to act on their own. We are dependent on technology.

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