Benefits of Bananas

Benefits of Banana

Bananas also contain potassium, vitamins, magnesium, B-six and many other nutrients. Eating a banana or two is good for our health and it digests very quickly and is very good for our heart. Eating bananas daily keeps our muscles strong and blood pressure is not a problem. In the evening we can also eat banana and drink milk mixed with it, but after that we should not drink water..


  • Banana is digested very quickly even in our constipation

  • Banana makes our bones strong and makes our face glow

  • Bananas contain minerals, vitamins and nutrition

  • Banana does not cause obesity, it contains vitamin C, vitamin A and lots of fibers

  • Banana does not cause wrinkles on our face

  • We should eat one to two meals a day, it also keeps our blood pressure normal

  • If banana is mixed with milk, its nutrition is doubled, which also improves our health.

  • With banana we can make many masks which are very good for our hair

  • Bananas are a rich source of potassium

  • By making banana to this quality, our anemia is fulfilled

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