5 Calcium -Rich Dry Fruits

 5 Calcium -Rich Dry Fruits

Dry fruits are not so good to eat and do not taste so good, but they are full of nutrition. In addition to nutrition, it contains calcium in large quantities, which is good for our health, our bones are strong, our cheeks are strong, and our teeth are also strong. In this point we will talk about seven rich dry fruits which are rich in calcium, high in energy level and good for our diet .dry fruits boost our energy levels and immune system. We can eat dried fruits anyway, we can also eat them mixed with fruits or we can drink it mixed with milk.


Almonds are low in protein and healthy fats, but they are rich in calcium. We can eat it plain or we can add it to our snacks or salads which makes it very desirable. Eating almonds also makes our brain work faster. Eating almonds early in the morning has many benefits and benefits. Soak almonds overnight in water and have many benefits in the morning.



figs are very sweet, they contain a lot of nutrition and are also high in calcium, which strengthens our bones and muscles. It is very fun and very enjoyable. It is very fresh. It also refreshes our skin. Adding it to food changes the test. Even we can add it to yogurt in the morning to make our omelets. I can also add it to a dessert. 



Apricot is a fruit that contains a lot of calcium, which is very good for our health. We can eat it in the evening or we can make juice from it, besides we can grind it and mix it with many things, we can use it in curd or salad. His test in food is distinct and delicious.



Dates are very sweet and soft to eat, they are rich in calcium and can be eaten at any time of the day.  You can eat it in the morning or at night and add it to curd or milk. Many people also use it as a sugar in desserts.



It is a diode pump, it is very good for our hands, it improves our sleep day by day, it is rich in calcium and also in food, we use it in omelets or curd. Or it is also used in things that are made in oven.



After studying things, we have come to the conclusion that we should include dry fruits in our life, they are very healthy for us, they contain many healthy vitamins. It makes our bones strong, our scan becomes good and hair growth also becomes great

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