Load shedding Of Gas

Load shedding Of Gas 

Needle gas was discovered in Pakistan in 1952, which was discovered near Deraa Baghdad in the eastern region of Baluchistan, Pakistan. A large amount of gas was found here. It has become an important source of gas for Pakistan. People took great advantage of the gas from there. This gas encirclement has been very beneficial for Pakistan. This gas was also used in sanitizing machines, apart from this it was also used in homes. This gas was sent to many areas of Baluchistan through the pipeline spread in that area. People can benefit from it and use it at home. In this way, this gas spread from city to city. Because of the needle gas, there were a lot of benefits. It played an important role in the supply of natural gas. 

load shedding of gas
Sui gas

In summer, sui gas is not so much of a problem, it comes and goes on its own time. And everything of food and drink is also made. But as far as winter is concerned, Sui gas has troubled us a lot. It neither comes in its own time nor goes in its own time and nothing can become. Due to this, we have to turn to hotels. Or you have to take a cylinder, which is very expensive. The poor need help to afford the note cylinder. So they have to be burned outside in the yard and that is very cold. It's not common to run a stove outside in the winter. Even if there is no gas in winter, the gas bills are very high. Similarly, the cost of the cylinder is also very high, gas is not affordable and neither is the gas and cheap filling in the cylinder.

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