Load shedding of electricity

Load shedding of electricity

The old times were straightforward, our needless were not so much. Our needs were less, but slowly people started moving forward. With the progress of man, his needs have also increased. The advancement of man has brought many advantages and disadvantages as well. While the old days were great we had a lot of time for each other. They used to talk to each other. There is time for each other. And everyone would sit together under the trees and drink tea. There was no problem whatsoever. But as the time changed and the city developed. then electricity was invented. And then man will slowly get used to electricity. Humans are nothing but machines.

load shedding

2013 load shedding

The elections of 2013 were held but the government brought forward. The government promised the people that we would provide electricity and some important workers also took a pledge that we would solve the problem of load shedding. And he was told by some important stakeholders that we will solve the problem of load shedding within 6 months. But it has been four years since the government was formed. But it has been four years since the government was formed. As time passed, the problem of load shedding continued. The government changed every 5 years but the problem of load shedding was not solved. 

2024 load shedding

As 2023 began, The problem of load shedding remained the same, power went on day after day. The government did not listen to a single word of the people. Electricity is provided from the voting time, but after that,  the electricity is turned off.  later it is said that another dam should be built in the country or from which to collect water and generate electricity. The government kept making excuses for me but did not provide electricity.  And the electricity would be missing for five to six hours a day or the electricity would not work for the whole day.

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