Stomach infection/flu

 Stomach infection/ flu

If a child catches a cold, he should have a fever of one hundred and two along with louse motion. Frequent nausea or vomiting. In this condition, the color of the child turns yellow. So children in this condition get stomach flu. If the child has this condition, the first thing to do is to look for a doctor. Stomach flu can also cause green rot or brown rot in children, but the question is whether that flu is life-threatening for children or not. Stomach flu occurs in most children from November to April. In the Islamic film, you should not take any kind of medicine or self-medicate, even in the case of acute flu, antibiotics can be fatal. If you continue to give medicine to your child during this stomach flu, the harm will be either vomiting, loss of motion, heart failure, or diarrhea. Which can be harmful for your baby. Therefore, children should be taken care of in such diseases. Stomach flu can be fatal to our children if we don't treat them on time, don't pay attention to them, or go to the house to pray in vain.

stomach flu

Stomach flu treatment

In stomach flu, one should use more water or drink ORS water, it is good for the stomach and children should be given mild clarification in it or a banana should be given. Mint or ginger coffee or its tea should be given. You can also use khichdi or rice. rice we have soft . white fall rice they should have used cats don't use biryani or pulao. One should rest completely and take care of one's health. Drink as much water as possible in Islamic rituals, keep your body hydrated, don't let it feel lack of water, and whoever has a child should have ORS water.

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